Asthma Education Center

We have developed a comprehensive Asthma Education Program designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Promote compliance with prescribed medications, inhalers and aerosols
  • Improve tolerance to exercise (Exercise-Inducer Asthma and Athletes with Asthma Programs)
  • Aid in symptom-free nights
  • Reduce visits to emergency rooms and decrease hospital admissions
  • Reduce community health care expenses

Qualified, experienced respiratory therapists will conduct the program. An initial comprehensive visit (Phase I) will be provided to all patients. Subsequent follow-up visits (Phase II and III) will depend on the severity of the disease and patient progress. 

This program is offered by our office as a service to the community, no consultation to a pulmonologist is necessary. At the conclusion of the program, a letter will be forwarded to the referring physician for each patient. Ongoing recommendations for treatment plans will be communicated when applicable. Please contact us if you have a patient(s) who could benefit from this program.